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Applications for Easier Marketing

USADATA has been pioneering technology-enabled marketing workflows for more than 20 years. We offer online solutions to enrich and clean customer data, and to launch multi-channel campaigns for your organization and distribution channel partners.

Technology Solutions Overview

Key benefits of technology-enabled data services:

  • Clean customer data results in less wasted communications
  • Complete data records will result in more recipients receiving your message
  • Insight into customers means your message is more likely to be acted upon
  • Automation reduces recurring effort by staff to manually handle updates
  • Automated workflows keep data fresh, even in real-time


SL360 is a simple, self-serve application that allows businesses to build an audience for their next marketing campaign in minutes, and to enrich or clean their customer data on demand. It helps businesses work more efficiently, grow ROI, and offers discounted pricing and lower minimum orders.

Key Benefits of SL360

Key Benefits of SL360:

  • Build a targeted audience for your next campaign
  • Clean or enhance customer data on demand
  • Gain customer insight with Portrait Reports
  • Time-saving features for increased efficiency

Learn more about SL360 here.


Our APIs provide marketers with direct access to third-party data for real-time data enhancement and hygiene processing.

This is ideal for:

  • Automating data management
  • Learning more about users completing your website forms
  • Communicating with greater relevancy with customers and new prospects
  • Recognizing and consolidating duplicate records
  • Adding new channels to communicate with customers and new prospects

Digital Storefronts

We make it easy for organizations with decentralized users (e.g. franchises, Insurance companies) to order pre-approved marketing campaigns or new leads through a simple user interface.

Self-Serve Digital Storefronts

Key benefits of technology-enabled direct marketing campaigns:

  • Best prospects are pre-selected for next campaign
  • Incorporates best practices based on analytics and expertise
  • Enables scale across a base of users with similar needs
  • Controls brand reputation and preserve consumer privacy
  • Enables personalization while keeping costs low with variable data templates
  • Assists with campaign attribution for accurate ROI attribution

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