Who is SL360?
SL360 is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company with built-in marketing data, empowering us to bring Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) to the marketplace through a suite of easy-to-use Cloud products. We deliver marketing data the way businesses need it to help businesses work more efficiently, find new customers faster, and achieve a higher return on their marketing investment.
What types of businesses do you work with?
We serve businesses large and small in every industry. Our products are all configurable and built to support clients in each phase of their lifecycle.
What types of businesses use each of your products?
SL360 Unregistered: Small businesses in every industry

SL360 Registered: Data resellers, marketing service providers, and frequent direct mailers

SL360 Digital Storefront: Insurance companies, franchises, and businesses with decentralized users

SL360 Web Services API: Marketing service providers, printers, and any business wanting to integrate marketing data into their existing application

Which product is right for me and how do I get started?
View the Product Roadmap or contact us at 800.399.8611 to see which product is right for you.
What types of leads do you offer?
View the Data Catalog or contact us at 800.399.8611 for a recommendation and free quote.
What types of leads can I order online at www.sl360.com?
Consumer Mailing Lists & Sales Leads: search by demographic, lifestyle interests, and purchase behavior selection options

Business Mailing Lists & Sales Leads: search by business type (SIC Code), size, executive title among other options

Occupant Lists: reach the "Current Resident" or "Occupant" at every address within a geographic area

New Homeowner Lists: reach home buyers by purchase date and amount among other criteria

New Mover Leads: reach new movers (home buyers and renters) by move date and other criteria

Canadian Consumer Lists: search by demographics and reach up to 11 million Canadian consumers
What if I can’t find what I need online?
Please contact us at 800.399.8611 for help. We have access to thousands of additional databases.
What other marketing services do you offer?
We can assist you with email marketing, data hygiene (i.e. NCOA, merge purge) and data enhancement. Please contact us at 800.399.8611 for more information.
Do you offer solutions for Resellers?
YES. If you are looking to order leads on behalf of your clients or to integrate data into your web-to-print storefront or application, contact us at 800.399.8611 for more information.
Where do you get the data?
We partner with the nation’s leading compilers of consumer and business data, as well as specialty list managers, to deliver the data that’s right for you. Leading national compilers gather their data from dozens of public and proprietary sources. Using multiple sources helps them verify the information collected and allows us to provide accuracy guarantees.
What is the mail delivery and phone accuracy?
If you send your direct mail campaign out within 30 days of the time your order is placed, you should expect the following delivery rates:

• Consumer Mailing Lists: 94% or better (typically 98-99%)
• Business Mailing Lists: 90% or better
• Occupant Lists: 95% or better (typically 99%)
• New Homeowner Lists: 94% or better
• New Mover Lists: 94% or better
• What percent phone accuracy should I expect?

If you call the contacts on your targeted prospect list within 30 days of the time your order is placed, you should expect the following phone accuracy rates:

• Consumer Lists: 90% or better
• Business Lists: 85% or better
How do you ensure data accuracy and protect consumer privacy?
We take consumer privacy very seriously. Each of the third party compilers and specialty list managers we work with have their files go through monthly hygiene processes including but not limited to:

• NCOA (National Change of Address)
• Direct Marketing Association's Do Not Mail file scrubbing
• FTC & State Attorney General Do Not Call file scrubbing
• Deceased scrubbing
• Prison scrubbing

These processes help ensure the privacy of the consumer and save clients money in making sure only qualified prospects receive their mailer. For more information, please review our Privacy Policy.
How do I remove my name from your list?
If you wish to no longer receive unsolicited mail, we recommend you contact the Direct Marketing Association’s Mail Preference Service, the official mail preference service for the Direct Marketing and Catalog communities. Here you will be able to complete a form and your name will be removed from thousands of databases simultaneously. Each month list providers scrub their database against this file to make sure they respect the privacy.

To remove your name from just our direct mailing lists, please email us with your name and full address. We will add you to our suppression file and will not rent your name to any other client.
How much do your mailing lists and sales leads cost?
We invite you to view our retail price grid. Programs are available for Data Resellers who may contact 800.399.8611 for pricing information.
Is there a monthly fee to use your website?
In what format will my list arrive?
Lists ordered online are delivered in two formats:

• Comma-delimited Text file
• Excel spreadsheet

You also have the option of ordering printed mailing labels online. If you need data delivered in other formats, please contact us at 800.399.8611.
How long does it take to get my list?
Lists are typically delivered within 5-15 minutes during business hours, and for current clients 24/7. Orders placed by new clients after hours will be delivered by 9am EST the next business morning, typically within 1 hour.
Can I save my quotes, counts and searches?
Yes we recommend saving your quotes, counts and searches. Within the order flow, simply click the "Save Search" button. Complete a short form and you'll immediately receive an email with your free quote plus a link to retrieve your count so you can always pick up right where you left off.
What is the difference between single use versus multiple use?
When ordering a list you are renting the list. With single use, you may use the list one time only. With multiple use, you may use the list as often as you like for one year. If someone responds to your campaign or becomes a client of yours, you may continue marketing to them beyond the usage terms. If you have questions about the usage terms, please contact us at 800.399.8611.

Please note with Occupant Lists, you may only order for a one-time use or two-time use of the list.
How can I pay? What credit cards do you accept?
We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Cards. You may also pay by check or money order with a signed agreement.
What is your return policy? What if I get back a higher than expected amount of mail?
Orders may be cancelled within five business days with a cancellation fee of $5 per 1000 names with a $25 minimum. Orders may not be cancelled after five business days.

If an error is made when placing your order and you wish to re-order a list, there will be a re-processing fee of $3 per 1000 names with a $25 minimum. If you wish to re-order the list online, USADATA will refund your credit card (for the original order) for the difference between the order amount and re-processing fee once your replacement order has been completed.

If you feel you have received a higher amount of returned mail than expected, you may contact us to discuss the campaign. Campaign questions will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Campaigns must be mailed within 30 days of your order for consideration. We reserve the right to ask you to ship us the returned pieces (at our expense) prior to any credit being issued.