Win New Customers Through Digital Marketing

Digital Services

USADATA helps businesses win new customers at lower costs and greater ROI by connecting them with their best audience of prospects.

Digital Marketing Services Overview

We provide full-service, digital campaign management to help businesses reach their best prospects through any combination of:

  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Display Advertising
  • OTT
  • Online Video

Our expert Digital team utilizes a data-driven approach to help clients achieve their campaign objectives at the highest return on their investment.

Our Full Service Data Driven Process

We help businesses achieve campaign goals and KPIs through our unique data-driven process.


Enhanced Audience Targeting

We score the universe of available prospects and connect you with those who most closely resemble your current customers.


A/B Testing

We test a variety of elements including audience segments, creatives, messaging, and offers to learn which combination yields the greatest return.



The results of our A/B testing allow us to utilize and deliver more of what's working so we can produce better results as we go.


Attribution Reporting

We'll help quantify the campaign's ROI so you know exactly how it performed.

Services We Offer

We make it easy for you to run digital campaigns in two different ways:

Multi-Channel Campaigns managed by our Digital Experts

Our digital experts help businesses win new customers at lower costs and with greater returns through full-service campaigns. We connect businesses with their best audience of prospects on their preferred channels, through the right combination of:

  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Display
  • Direct Mail
  • OTT
  • Online Video
Multi-Channel Campaigns
Self-Serve Digital Storefronts

Self-Serve Digital Storefronts

Help your organization launch campaigns and win new customers using pre-approved assets and built-in best practices.

The Digital Storefront is an easy-to-use application, ideal for organizations with multiple locations and/or decentralized users, that facilitates the ordering of digital customer acquisition campaigns across an organization. Features include:

  • Your branding
  • Simple UI/UX
  • Campaign fulfillment
  • Pre-approved creative assets
  • Built-in targeting best practices
  • Automatic exclusion of your existing customers

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